25mg CBD Capsules

25mg CBD Capsules

CBD complex food supplement – 30 Capsules.

PDFLaboratory Test – Certificate of Analysis

Numerous companies claim that their CBD is water-soluble.

Our capsules contain our proprietary formulation developed with water soluble, whole plant extract, full spectrum phyto-cannabinoids. Locally sourced and produced farms, our hemp is grown without pesticides or herbicides.

Our Capsules which are Pharma Grade Water Soluble CBD (patent pending process) converts pure Pharma grade quality isolate (GMP certified), into a water-soluble powder providing the highest bio-available CBD presently sold in the CBD market space.

Our CBD contains 99.96% pure CBD, gum, maltodextrin and formulated polyphosphates; it is formulated to Nano size to address the somewhat sticky CBD molecule issue, and provides the most effective delivery of CBD to the human body – absorption immediately in the buccal cavity including the lingual and sub-lingual areas, absorption into the esophagus and completing its journey through the GI Track directly into the bloodstream.

Our CBD purity is 99.96%

Our CBD purity 99.96% versus other companies providing various products with which it is necessary to ingest the entire bottle of solution in order to obtain the CBD milligrams advertised. In other words, they are diluted products costing 5 to 10 times the price of Life’s Best CBD™.

We have enhanced the formulation to address the P450 enzyme system in the human body to increase bio-availability. Certified lab testing is available upon request for all of the Pharma Grade Quality ingredients in Life’s Best CBD™.

Do not be fooled by the many, many diluted products and false claims advertised daily by other companies. Demand Certified Testing to validate the CBD strength and purity before purchasing the Internet marketed products which are so common.

“Since taking Life’s Best CBD, I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in my back pain. I like the drops because they allow you to dose accordingly. It took a couple of weeks of usage, but I just woke up one day with less pain. Thanks! ”

Michael M. - Dallas, Texas

“I’ve tried several CBD products from other companies with no luck. I was about to give up when I bought your drops on a whim. After just a couple of minutes it seemed to clear my head and helped me focus. It’s also great before bed. It helps turn off your brain without waking up groggy.”

Jennifer - Las Vegas, Nevada